Hosting an International Student as a Mortgage Helper

Vancouver is having a record summer for international students, and they all need a place to stay. The Cypress Homestay agency has been calling us to see if we have room. For two years my husband and I hosted students… Continue Reading

Buying vs. Renting a Home: The Great Debate

This seems to be a debate where the two sides will never declare a truce. The leader of my investment club is vehement in his belief that he is better off renting and he refuses to buy a home in… Continue Reading

The Fixed Versus Variable Rate Mortgage Dilemma

It’s never easy to try to figure out which mortgage to pick. It doesn’t help with stories in the news saying that variable is better than fixed, 18 years out of 20. You just don’t know when you are in… Continue Reading

Real Estate Investments with REITs

REITs are a great way for small investors like me to invest in classes of property like shopping malls, offices and apartments . They have great dividends, generally 3-8%, paid monthly. I have done well with capital gains on REITs… Continue Reading

Adding Kids to Your Property’s Title?

  People often ask about adding one of their children to the title of their home as a joint tenant because someone told them that they can save on estate taxes. Joint tenancy means that the title passes directly to the… Continue Reading

The Meaning of Joint Tenancy

    Not everything a person owns will be part of the assets that are distributed under the terms of a will. Real estate, pensions, bank accounts and insurance can pass outside of a will. In British Columbia we call… Continue Reading