Wrestling with a Scary Investment Environment

The stock market carnage of the past few months has had me thinking long and hard about investing, to the point that I went to the library looking for advice. What I am wrestling with is the value investing side… Continue Reading

DH Corporation — expensive cheques but might be a good stock to buy

After looking at the ludicrous prices for business cheques, I decided to invest in the company that makes them for all the banks, D+H (formerly Davis and Henderson, which is about 140 years old). The set up fee for cheques… Continue Reading

Derek Foster’s “Money for Nothing” Theory is Not for Me!

I have learned a lot about investing from Derek Foster’s books and wanted to like his strategy of making money relatively risk-free on the options market. Unfortunately, it just doesn’t seem worthwhile to me. The strategy is quite simple: you… Continue Reading

Stocks to Consider: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK:N)

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK:LSE, GSK:N) is a stock that I have been quite happy with. It is a very large pharmaceutical company headquartered in London. I was attracted to it because it had a dividend yield greater than 5% and it seemed… Continue Reading

Where to Look for Financial News and Learning

A lot of people ask me where they can turn to learn about investing once they hear me explain my Dividend Investing theory. One of my best sources for financial information is the Globe and Mail newspaper. It has a great… Continue Reading

Misadventures with Investing in Resource Stocks

I believe in the adage of “buy low and sell high” when it comes to stocks. However, it is ever so difficult to know when it is a time to buy. I saw that oil and gold stocks have been… Continue Reading

Stock to Consider: National Grid (NGG:N)

One of my long-term stocks that is little-known in Canada is National Grid (NG:LSE; NGG:NY). It first came to my attention in a single paragraph mention in Canadian Business magazine. It is a UK-based electricity supplier that supplies most of… Continue Reading

Dividends, Glorious Dividends

Compound interest and time are either your two best friends or your two worst enemies, according to my husband’s late father. In the case of Dividend Re-Investment Plans (or DRIPs) they are definitely your friends. (The situation where it is… Continue Reading

Seaspan (SSW:N and SSW.PRC:N) is a Stock Worth Considering

I first heard about Seaspan (SSW:N) as an investment idea from an accounting professor who had done an analysis of it and quite liked it. One of its advantages is that while it trades in the US, it is considered… Continue Reading

Real Estate Investments with REITs

REITs are a great way for small investors like me to invest in classes of property like shopping malls, offices and apartments . They have great dividends, generally 3-8%, paid monthly. I have done well with capital gains on REITs… Continue Reading