There’s a Lot More than Just Books at the Library

Old University Library, Prague

Old University Library, Prague

I love the library. I am an avid reader but don’t buy many books any more. I know, I know, I believe in supporting authors and I do subscribe to a number of magazines that I enjoy. But, I have moved a few too many times and it just seems foolish to spend money for a book that is only kept on a shelf then packed in a box for the next move. I own a few reference books, and buy textbooks for my courses, but I live near a library and love going there.

I can get pretty much any book I can dream of at the library. I can place a hold for the popular ones and make an interlibrary loan request to have something brought in from another system if it’s not in my local system. I few times I have sent an email asking about a book that they don’t have and they purchased it for the library so that I could borrow it. I love to cook and will probably read about five cookbooks to find one recipe that I will make. The cookbook collection is wonderfully extensive and I always leave that section with an armful of books. Truth be told, it is a rare cookbook that has more than one great recipe in it so it seems a great way to get recipe ideas and I’ll happily leaf through the cookbooks while watching TV.

I am able to place holds to get any of the popular TV shows or movies on DVD. They also have e-books in a few formats that can be ordered for upload from my home computer, which is great for travelling. They have subscriptions to expensive stock newsletters and electronic subscriptions to thousands of newspapers from around the world. My library card can give me access to a lot of subscriber-only content from my home computer.

I can while away many hours in the library, roaming through the newspapers and magazines, travel guides, paperbacks and CDs.



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