Hockey is So Much Better Than Yoga!


It’s time for deposits to be paid for the upcoming season. Hockey is one of my least financially prudent activities, but also one of the things that I enjoy most. It works out to something like $30 per 75 minute game. Because you have to pay for the whole season, if I can’t make it to a game I am out a lot of money!

It is the only exercise I do that is so much fun it doesn’t seem like exercise. I came to it later in life since when I was a kid girls weren’t allowed to play hockey. I always wanted to play but my parents wouldn’t let me because it was only for boys. Finally when I was 12 I wore them down and they signed me up for peewee but on the condition that they wouldn’t have to drive me. On Saturday mornings I’d get up before 6am to walk the 30 minutes to the rink, often in the snow, with my gear and my parents never came out to any of my games. Because I hadn’t been able to play and was on a team of boys who had been playing since they were about 3 years old, it wasn’t pretty — saying I lacked skills is putting it mildly. But I stuck to it and slowly got better, though I was mocked mercilessly. I will never be as good as anyone who has played since they were little, but I have a great time out there.

There are significantly more cost effective ways to get exercise, even the gym (which I find too expensive!) is cheaper. The fees have more than doubled in the last 10 years. I used to play on two teams but have had to scale that back. Because it is so fast and so physical, you absolutely can’t be thinking about all your worries. I have walked into the rink after a really down day and not wanted to go (but had to since I didn’t want to let my team down) and came out completely forgetting about my troubles. After the game it’s usually a little rowdy in the dressing room, with people complaining about the bad call, the non-call, or the goal that they just missed. You just don’t get that at yoga!


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