Furnishing for Less

So I figured something out that I should have figured out eons ago. Buying furniture second hand is about 10% the price of new. It’s more difficult to find, or course, and you can’t see something you like that’s brown and request it in blue. It requires a certain degree of patience and isn’t ideal if you’re in a hurry.

I wouldn’t buy a bed secondhand but I would definitely take a look online before buying new. I admit that Craigslist is a certain form of hell, what with having to drive all over the place to look at things and find that the people you are dealing with are crazy. And then for big things there is that issue of finding someone with a truck to deliver it, which is one advantage from buying furniture in a store.

I discovered a website called MaxSold which has been great for looking. If I move, this is where I’d sell my furniture. It’s an online auction site where people will list the contents of their home when they move or downsize.  The auction has a defined closing time and a specific pickup time where you need to go to pick up your items. I found some great deals on a pressure washer ($18), a cabinet full of wine glasses and a SodaStream machine ($15), and some silver serving trays ($60). In fact, I didn’t want all of the silver and sold half the pieces at a second hand store for $60 and kept the bits I liked!

If I ever move again, this is absolutely how I will divest of furniture and housewares. It is far easier than answering emails via Craigslist and making appointments to have people who may or may not turn up and will try to haggle on price. Everyone bids and have set times for pickup. One notch better than Craigslist is that if they don’t show, they have already paid.


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