Finding 2-For-1 Deals on Food and Attractions in London


The past few times I’ve been in London I have found a 2 for 1 attractions coupon booklet at Paddington Station. I have also noticed it in the racks at the other train stations. It’s not geared towards overseas tourists, I think it’s meant to get people who live outside London to come into the city and take in some of the attractions. The booklet includes some of the more expensive attractions with admissions nearing £20 per person, such as the Tower of London, Kensington Palace, Kew Gardens and Hampton Court Palace, so it is worth looking for if you pass through a train station.

It includes quite a few restaurants and things that I will likely be doing anyway while I’m there.

I have learned that the attractions can be fussy about using the booklet and may demand to see your paper train ticket, though the restaurants don’t seem to care. Once I paid for our train journey to Hampton Court Palace with an Oyster card and the Palace refused to honour the coupon because I didn’t have a paper ticket. I really like Hampton Court and went back the next year and was much more careful to get a paper ticket and the coupon worked. Kew Gardens wasn’t fussed at all. I spoke to a guide at London Walks about it, he’s not terribly keen on having overseas visitors try to use the tickets and will request that they show him their train tickets, but other guides at London Walks aren’t nearly as fussy. It’s certainly worth hunting down the booklet to score some deals in London.



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