Yes, it can be Possible to Have Two Spouses (for Estate Purposes, anyhow)

A situation I have seen that causes immense trouble with wills and estates is where someone is married, the marriage ends, there is no divorce, and then they move in with a new partner and don’t marry. I can’t give… Continue Reading

Two Great Online Sources of Stock Information

Besides the Globe and Mail, there are two places I look to every day for financial updates. One is Susan Brunner’s blog (and I also follow her on Twitter, @spbrunner), and the other is Stockchase. Susan Brunner does in-depth analysis of… Continue Reading

Credit Card Warranties are so often Overlooked

I am one of the only people I know of who has bothered with the extended warranty protection that comes free with a lot of credit cards. Granted, the card companies don’t make it easy to go about accessing it.… Continue Reading

Starbucks is Better than Timmy’s!

There are a lot of reasons why I like Starbucks better. First of all, hot chocolate is my drink of choice and Starbucks makes an exquisite hot chocolate. Tim Horton’s still has theirs as an oversweetened miserable concoction from a… Continue Reading

Hosting an International Student as a Mortgage Helper

Vancouver is having a record summer for international students, and they all need a place to stay. The Cypress Homestay agency has been calling us to see if we have room. For two years my husband and I hosted students… Continue Reading

Hockey is So Much Better Than Yoga!

It’s time for deposits to be paid for the upcoming season. Hockey is one of my least financially prudent activities, but also one of the things that I enjoy most. It works out to something like $30 per 75 minute… Continue Reading

Buying vs. Renting a Home: The Great Debate

This seems to be a debate where the two sides will never declare a truce. The leader of my investment club is vehement in his belief that he is better off renting and he refuses to buy a home in… Continue Reading

Why I’m Wary of Timeshares

Lately I’ve been hearing ads on the radio for TimeShare Exit Team. I haven’t bought a time share but I know a few people who have, with varying results. I am also the survivor of a timeshare presentation. A timeshare… Continue Reading

Why Naming a Beneficiary (Other than Your Spouse) for your RRSP Can Mess Up Your Estate Planning

I was chatting with someone recently who thought he might need to look after a Will. He was into his second marriage and had a son from a previous marriage. “Oh, I don’t need more than a simple Will,” he… Continue Reading

Stocks to Consider: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK:N)

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK:LSE, GSK:N) is a stock that I have been quite happy with. It is a very large pharmaceutical company headquartered in London. I was attracted to it because it had a dividend yield greater than 5% and it seemed… Continue Reading