Where to Look for Financial News and Learning


A lot of people ask me where they can turn to learn about investing once they hear me explain my Dividend Investing theory. One of my best sources for financial information is the Globe and Mail newspaper. It has a great combination of basic financial planning as well as some in-depth stock analysis by some very wise writers. They also have a free online stock watchlist that I use extensively. If I read about an interesting stock I can add it to my watchlist and I can easily compare dividend yields and performance of the stocks I am following.

The National Post used to be quite good. In fact, they began by buying the Financial Post in 2000, which was an excellent daily financial newspaper. Over time and with budget cuts the writing has gotten thinner and thinner but it’s still worth a read, especially the Saturday edition, because there is some good writing in there.

I subscribe to MoneySense which has pretty good, basic, financial information. Not just about stocks and stock picking, but some of the basics of money management and saving. I subscribe to it and to another one called Canadian MoneySaver. MoneySaver can be a little intense. When I first started reading it, a lot of the articles were a bit over my head. It had gone beyond the basics of “spend less than you earn” and into some harder core stock picking theories and in-depth discussions of life insurance and taxation. It is a fabulous learning resource and by reading every issue I learned a lot about investing and gradually I understood more and more of their arcane theories. I think it was where I was introduced to Derek Foster and the basics of dividend investing.

A lot of financial reading can be dry. I’ve certainly given up on my share of Value Investing textbooks. I really want to learn more about Value Investing but those books can be a very tough slog and I do much better with newspapers and magazines.

I follow a number of financial journalists and dividend investors on Twitter and it points me to other sources of information and news on companies.

I absolutely love reading newspapers from the UK as overall they are better than Canadian ones – because they have the readership numbers to support good journalism. I was really surprised that I haven’t been able to find good British investing resources and that the Canadian financial journalism I have found has been superior. There are some rather technical reads like Investor’s Chronicle which can be interesting, and surprisingly, the Financial Times has very little about investing. I intend to do more digging to find good sources of British investment reading as I hope to diversify a bit and be a little less Canada-centric with my portfolio.



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