Two Great Online Sources of Stock Information


Besides the Globe and Mail, there are two places I look to every day for financial updates. One is Susan Brunner’s blog (and I also follow her on Twitter, @spbrunner), and the other is Stockchase.

Susan Brunner does in-depth analysis of mostly Canadian stocks that she follows. My understanding is that she is an accountant.

Some of her recent analyses include Power Corp (PWC:T), Husky Energy (HSE:T), Intact Financial (IFC:T). she’ll share a bit of the history of the company and some financial news, and will also review the dividends, payouts for the last 5 and 10 years, the company’s earnings, debt, cash flow and return on equity. She’ll look at the stock price and advise whether the price seems cheap or expensive using financial ratios. She also looks at insider ownership what the Graham Price is, and what the analysts’ recommendations are. I’m not so good at doing these in-depth investigations myself so it is great to get her sense of the health of a company. She is very clear that she is not providing investment advice and does her analyses for information only.

Stockchase shares opinions on stocks every weekday here.

I’ve had discussions about Stockchase as a source of information at my stock club because it gives one paragraph summaries of what the television “experts” like those on Business News Network have said that day about a company. I wouldn’t call it comprehensive by any stretch, but it’s useful for seeing what the latest buzz is about a company. They share the daily news on Twitter as well, @stockchase. Whether these pundits know of which they speak is a whole other matter!



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