Why Airline Points Programs Aren’t So Great

Over the years I’ve grown increasingly disenchanted with Aeroplan. Once upon a time a free flight was a free flight, but not anymore. I have run into lots of issues trying to redeem once I had the points because of… Continue Reading

Why I’m Wary of Timeshares

Lately I’ve been hearing ads on the radio for TimeShare Exit Team. I haven’t bought a time share but I know a few people who have, with varying results. I am also the survivor of a timeshare presentation. A timeshare… Continue Reading

Fabulous, Transit-Friendly, Country Walks Near London

One of my favourite ways to explore is by walking, especially when I travel. I took this to new levels when I discovered London Walks while in London. I’ve done so many walks with them, in the Palace Quarter, along the… Continue Reading

Finding 2-For-1 Deals on Food and Attractions in London

The past few times I’ve been in London I have found a 2 for 1 attractions coupon booklet at Paddington Station. I have also noticed it in the racks at the other train stations. It’s not geared towards overseas tourists,… Continue Reading

How I Save a Bundle on Great Hotels

Travelling is one of those areas where I’m a little conflicted. Yes, I like to do it as cheaply as possible. But I also hate camping and prefer to stay in hotels with a four star minimum. Internet sites like… Continue Reading