Who Pays for Long Distance Phone Calls Anymore?

Once upon a time it used to cost nearly a dollar a minute to speak to someone about 2 hours away. Now there are all sorts of plans and ways to do it for free. I laughed recently when I… Continue Reading

One Day, I Will Cut the Cord

I haven’t quite cut the cable cord yet. I keep thinking that I should, and we tried getting a pair of bunny ears so we could still watch hockey on CBC but it didn’t pull in any signals so we… Continue Reading

There’s a Lot More than Just Books at the Library

I love the library. I am an avid reader but don’t buy many books any more. I know, I know, I believe in supporting authors and I do subscribe to a number of magazines that I enjoy. But, I have… Continue Reading

The Surprising Cost Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

I never wanted to eat meat after too many children’s stories so when I became old enough to cook my own meals I became a vegetarian. My husband is definitely not a vegetarian, but since I’m the one who does the… Continue Reading

Best Options for Tube Passes for Visitors to London

It used to be that you had to buy an Oyster prepaid pay-as-you-go card to get the best prices on London transport. They recently introduced contactless payment by simply tapping your credit card when you enter and exit the Tube network and have… Continue Reading

High Interest Savings Accounts are a Misnomer — but they are useful

So, the name for these is a bit of a misnomer since they only pay about 1.5% — which is only a bit better than regular bank savings accounts. Once upon a time I did a bunch of research and… Continue Reading

Cars: the Unwise Investment?

The mantra used to be that the best deal was to be had in buying a one year old car because the first year has the biggest depreciation. However, it seems that a lot of people know of that rule… Continue Reading

Furnishing for Less

So I figured something out that I should have figured out eons ago. Buying furniture second hand is about 10% the price of new. It’s more difficult to find, or course, and you can’t see something you like that’s brown… Continue Reading