Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

When we got our poodle Henry about 8 years ago I thought it made sense to get a pet insurance policy in case he needed extensive veterinary care. These policies are fairly new and I thought if I signed him… Continue Reading

Is a Costco Membership Good Value for Money?

There are two things I regularly buy where Costco saves me a bundle: office paper and contact lenses. Those are the only items that keep me shopping there, as I am not a fan of paying a membership fee in… Continue Reading

Credit Card Warranties are so often Overlooked

I am one of the only people I know of who has bothered with the extended warranty protection that comes free with a lot of credit cards. Granted, the card companies don’t make it easy to go about accessing it.… Continue Reading

Hosting an International Student as a Mortgage Helper

Vancouver is having a record summer for international students, and they all need a place to stay. The Cypress Homestay agency has been calling us to see if we have room. For two years my husband and I hosted students… Continue Reading

Hockey is So Much Better Than Yoga!

It’s time for deposits to be paid for the upcoming season. Hockey is one of my least financially prudent activities, but also one of the things that I enjoy most. It works out to something like $30 per 75 minute… Continue Reading

The Fixed Versus Variable Rate Mortgage Dilemma

It’s never easy to try to figure out which mortgage to pick. It doesn’t help with stories in the news saying that variable is better than fixed, 18 years out of 20. You just don’t know when you are in… Continue Reading

Finding 2-For-1 Deals on Food and Attractions in London

The past few times I’ve been in London I have found a 2 for 1 attractions coupon booklet at Paddington Station. I have also noticed it in the racks at the other train stations. It’s not geared towards overseas tourists,… Continue Reading

Saving on Lawn and Garden Tools

When we moved into our house we had spent every spare penny and had a lawn and garden that needed tending. Having come from an apartment, we didn’t have any of that gear. So, we decided to try to find… Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why TFSAs are Giving RRSPs a Run for Their Money

TFSAs, in my view, are the better way to go. In fact, I have stopped putting money into an RRSP and only use my TFSA. 1. With a limit of $10,000 a year, we now have room to do some… Continue Reading

Grocery Shopping on the Cheap in Vancouver

Quite by accident I discovered the cheapest place in town, and possibly all of BC, to buy fruit and vegetables. It’s an independent store called Sunrise Market in the middle of Vancouver’s downtown eastside, adjacent to Chinatown, at the corner of… Continue Reading