Experiences Make the Best Gifts

Maybe it’s part of getting older, but I have less and less interest in acquiring more STUFF. I’m always battling against clutter (und usually losing). I’ve realized that I don’t tend to use a lot of the things I own.… Continue Reading

Health Benefits Plans for the Self-Employed

As a one person corporation I don’t have a benefits plan, so I have to pay all dental, vision care,  and prescription costs myself. I was introduced to an insurance program called a “Health and Welfare Trust” by a broker… Continue Reading

The Challenge of Wills for Second Marriages

Divorced parents remarrying is perfectly normal and quite common. So you would think preparing a will would be straightforward, right? No, definitely not. I have had more than a few conversations with people wanting to get their affairs in order… Continue Reading

The Rocky Road of IVF

I just dread walking into the clinic. For nearly two years I have gone in at least two dozen times. For the past 6 months most of the visits have ended in tears. Life wasn’t supposed to be this way.… Continue Reading