If it was 1950, would you pick IBM or Exxon?

I was reading Jeremy Siegel’s book “Stocks for the Long Run” and it asked whether IBM or Standard Oil (now Exxon) would have been better investments in 1950, assuming all dividends were re-invested. From 1950-2012, IBM had better sales, earnings,… Continue Reading

Wrestling with a Scary Investment Environment

The stock market carnage of the past few months has had me thinking long and hard about investing, to the point that I went to the library looking for advice. What I am wrestling with is the value investing side… Continue Reading

Real Estate Can Make a Challenging Gift

A colleague asked about handling a will with a clause saying to “pay or transfer” a piece of real estate to a charity. This sounds quite straightforward but raises some complications about whether the executor could just sell the property and give the proceeds to… Continue Reading