What is in a Simple Will?

Someone asked me what gets included in a basic Will. The first thing a Will sets out is who is to be the executor to handle all the matters of the estate and make sure the tax filings are done, and… Continue Reading

Why We File Wills Notices

Whenever I complete a Will for a client, I file a notice with the provincial government. The Will itself isn’t filed, the notice is just to provide details of the place and date a Will was signed. The first reason… Continue Reading

Is a Costco Membership Good Value for Money?

There are two things I regularly buy where Costco saves me a bundle: office paper and contact lenses. Those are the only items that keep me shopping there, as I am not a fan of paying a membership fee in… Continue Reading

Yes, it can be Possible to Have Two Spouses (for Estate Purposes, anyhow)

A situation I have seen that causes immense trouble with wills and estates is where someone is married, the marriage ends, there is no divorce, and then they move in with a new partner and don’t marry. I can’t give… Continue Reading

Two Great Online Sources of Stock Information

Besides the Globe and Mail, there are two places I look to every day for financial updates. One is Susan Brunner’s blog (and I also follow her on Twitter, @spbrunner), and the other is Stockchase. Susan Brunner does in-depth analysis of… Continue Reading