Stocks to Consider: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK:N)

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK:LSE, GSK:N) is a stock that I have been quite happy with. It is a very large pharmaceutical company headquartered in London. I was attracted to it because it had a dividend yield greater than 5% and it seemed… Continue Reading

Experiences Make the Best Gifts

Maybe it’s part of getting older, but I have less and less interest in acquiring more STUFF. I’m always battling against clutter (und usually losing). I’ve realized that I don’t tend to use a lot of the things I own.… Continue Reading

Fabulous, Transit-Friendly, Country Walks Near London

One of my favourite ways to explore is by walking, especially when I travel. I took this to new levels when I discovered London Walks while in London. I’ve done so many walks with them, in the Palace Quarter, along the… Continue Reading

Finding the Right MBA Program for a Busy Person

In choosing an MBA, the name and reputation of the school is, unfortunately, of about the same importance as the content of the program. There are a number of great MBA programs available in my area like Queen’s, the University… Continue Reading

Where to Look for Financial News and Learning

A lot of people ask me where they can turn to learn about investing once they hear me explain my Dividend Investing theory. One of my best sources for financial information is the Globe and Mail newspaper. It has a great… Continue Reading

Misadventures with Investing in Resource Stocks

I believe in the adage of “buy low and sell high” when it comes to stocks. However, it is ever so difficult to know when it is a time to buy. I saw that oil and gold stocks have been… Continue Reading

The Fixed Versus Variable Rate Mortgage Dilemma

It’s never easy to try to figure out which mortgage to pick. It doesn’t help with stories in the news saying that variable is better than fixed, 18 years out of 20. You just don’t know when you are in… Continue Reading

Finding 2-For-1 Deals on Food and Attractions in London

The past few times I’ve been in London I have found a 2 for 1 attractions coupon booklet at Paddington Station. I have also noticed it in the racks at the other train stations. It’s not geared towards overseas tourists,… Continue Reading

Health Benefits Plans for the Self-Employed

As a one person corporation I don’t have a benefits plan, so I have to pay all dental, vision care,  and prescription costs myself. I was introduced to an insurance program called a “Health and Welfare Trust” by a broker… Continue Reading

Power of Attorney: Be Very Careful When Giving the Power

A Power of Attorney is a very powerful tool. This is why it is a good thing and also a very dangerous thing. It allows you to give someone (referred to as “Attorney”) the full power to make all financial decisions… Continue Reading