There’s a Lot More than Just Books at the Library

I love the library. I am an avid reader but don’t buy many books any more. I know, I know, I believe in supporting authors and I do subscribe to a number of magazines that I enjoy. But, I have… Continue Reading

Seaspan (SSW:N and SSW.PRC:N) is a Stock Worth Considering

I first heard about Seaspan (SSW:N) as an investment idea from an accounting professor who had done an analysis of it and quite liked it. One of its advantages is that while it trades in the US, it is considered… Continue Reading

Off the Beaten Path: a Great North Shore Hiking Guidebook

There aren’t a ton of free things to do in Vancouver, but one that I’ve found is hiking. I turned to local guidebooks for ideas after travelling and really enjoying exploring new cities with the help of walking guides and thought… Continue Reading

The Surprising Cost Benefits of Being a Vegetarian

I never wanted to eat meat after too many children’s stories so when I became old enough to cook my own meals I became a vegetarian. My husband is definitely not a vegetarian, but since I’m the one who does the… Continue Reading

Best Options for Tube Passes for Visitors to London

It used to be that you had to buy an Oyster prepaid pay-as-you-go card to get the best prices on London transport. They recently introduced contactless payment by simply tapping your credit card when you enter and exit the Tube network and have… Continue Reading

Free University Courses with Coursera

Coursera is an online community offering free university courses from some very well regarded universities. You can choose from thousands of courses. You have the option to pay in the neighbourhood of $79 to get a certificate for the completion of a group… Continue Reading

High Interest Savings Accounts are a Misnomer — but they are useful

So, the name for these is a bit of a misnomer since they only pay about 1.5% — which is only a bit better than regular bank savings accounts. Once upon a time I did a bunch of research and… Continue Reading

Real Estate Investments with REITs

REITs are a great way for small investors like me to invest in classes of property like shopping malls, offices and apartments . They have great dividends, generally 3-8%, paid monthly. I have done well with capital gains on REITs… Continue Reading

Cars: the Unwise Investment?

The mantra used to be that the best deal was to be had in buying a one year old car because the first year has the biggest depreciation. However, it seems that a lot of people know of that rule… Continue Reading

Heathrow Connect — the Lesser-Known Way into London

As much as I love saving so I can buy dividend-paying stocks, I also love travelling. If I can travel cheaply enough, it means that I can travel more often, and one of my favourite places is London. There are many ways to… Continue Reading